Design to Reality

of Scaramanga Garden Design ...


Following on from the final design a scope of works can be prepared to put forward to potential contractors, who are accompanied on site to provide quotations. Once the contractor is chosen, a start date is confirmed and materials and plants sourced. In addition to hard landscaping, lighting, heating, plant containers, fencing, furniture etc. can all be sourced and samples provided for the client.

Project monitoring is a follow on service commonly taken up by the client to ensure that the integrity of the design is fulfilled and work progresses smoothly. From the commencement of landscaping, Caroline will make regular site visits, monitoring the development of the design, keeping a written and photographic record of the work, documenting changes and costings agreed. Meetings are conducted on site with the contractors and any specialist craftsmen, and delivery of specialist materials and plants arranged. Plants are checked on delivery and are set out in their final planting positions and planting arranged if necessary.

Maintenance plans can be provided to keep the newly designed garden in good condition. It is important to allow the best possible start for new planting schemes, particularly in their first couple of seasons. Where required additional recommended help can be arranged for annual or regular maintenance.