Questions to consider

from Scaramanga Garden Design ...




How much do you want to spend - think about the value of your property - what percentage of the value of your house would you budget to spend on the garden? A well designed garden will make selling easier, and will allow you to make the most of your property, both inside and outside.


Do you want to do all the work now or would you prefer to phase the design of the garden over a few years?


Will you be here for a long time or are you designing to sell?


Have you any particular needs for the garden - places to entertain, swimming pool, tennis court, terracing, places for the children to play, etc?


Have you any particular problems in the garden - areas which suffer from poor drainage, bad access, steep slopes, blocked views, views that need screening?


What do you like most about your garden and what do you want to improve/change?


What sort of style do you like - contemporary, traditional, tropical, formal, wild etc? keep cuttings of anything you like to illustrate your style


What about maintenance? who will maintain your newly designed garden and how much time is available to do so?